Measuring reports

A traceable measuring report is what makes a NDT calibration block a real reference standard. The measuring reports makes are traceable to NIST – as well as to other national standards such as UKAS.

Measuring small edm notches can be a challenge. With our in-house developed method we can measure even the smallest of edm notches. The measuring results are then imported into a digital measuring report. The measuring report will be available to you as a PDF document, which is easy to print and save on all platforms.

Your calibration blocks can be engraved with a unique number – in case they don’t already have a ID number. Of course we will state the identification number on the measuring reports.

Recalibration service of calibration blocks

Do you want a recalibration of your NDT calibration blocks? We gladly provide you with new traceable measuring reports of the block. E-mail us at for a quotation. Do you want an annual recalibration of your calibration blocks? We would be happy to remind you when the next calibration is due.

Measuring reports of third party calibration blocks

Did your calibation blocks come from another supplier without traceable measuring reports and do you need one? You don’t need to invest in new calibration blocks. We would gladly provide you with traceable measuring reports of your existing blocks. E-mail us at for a quotation.


The company behind is Assmann Verspaningstechniek. The company was founded in 1985 as a precision tool room and started EDM-machining in 1990.
Nowadays the company is a top notch supplier of the NDT industry by machining EDM notches into custom calibration blocks.