Fatigue Cracks

Need fatigue cracks in your specimen?

EDMnotch.com adds fatigue cracks to your specimen. For instance for Fatigue Crack Growth (FCGR) testing. Your pre-machined specimen get small cracks according to your specifications based on standards such as ASTM, ASME or ISO 12108. Do you need your specimen fast? Contact us to see what we can do for you.

When needed, you will get a traceable measuring report of the cracks. These measuring reports are traceable to national standards like NIST and UKAS.

EDMnotch.com is based in the Netherlands and ships worldwide with well-known carriers such as DHL and UPS. Contact us for more information or a quotation for machining your specimen.

Small cracks of 0.10 mm wide and up

Machining of cracks 0.10 mm wide and up? Then please specify length (2c) and depth (a) on your drawing. All electrically conductive materials allow machining of small cracks:

  • Steel, iron and stainless steel;
  • Aluminium and aluminum alloys;
  • Titanium, zirconium, tantalum;
  • Nickel alloys;
  • and many more…

Usually fatigue cracks are semi-elliptical, but any shape is possible: straight, angled, concave of convex. Blind or through. Either in sheet metal, pipes, tubes, rings, gears or custom parts. Wire-edm, sinker edm and small hole edm-ing are techniques to machine small cracks. Depending on the shape and accuracy of the cracks we always choose the cheapest appropriate machining method.

The clients we serve are (technical) universities, quality and testing labs and private companies – all around the globe.

About edmnotch.com

The company behind EDMnotch.com is Assmann Verspaningstechniek. The company was founded in 1985 as a precision tool room and started EDM-machining in 1990.
Nowadays the company is a top notch supplier of the NDT industry by machining EDM notches into custom calibration blocks.